Portland Somatic Therapy  

Somatic therapy, sometimes called body-centered psychotherapy or somatic psychology, is a cutting edge approach to helping people heal themselves and transform their lives.

In a somatic approach, the information the body conveys is welcomed, and client and therapist learn to pay close attention to the messages the body is sending.

Actually, you may already be doing this. Have you ever had a "gut feeling," a wordless sense of something that could be called intuition? Perhaps you've experienced "butterflies" in your stomach when doing something that made you nervous. Or you may have experienced heartbreak, the physical pain that goes along with emotional suffering and grief.  Or perhaps you've used mindfulness to savor  the feeling of ease and comfort in your body.

All of these physiological experiences are important, and by tapping in to the healing potential of physical sensations we can allow the healing process to be faster, more complete, and potentially, more enjoyable.

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        What is Somatic Therapy?